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Why do we have an age limitation of 18 - 40 years?

At Wander Womaniya, we believe that age should never limit your sense of adventure, and we encourage all women to explore the world on their own terms irrespective of age, caste, creed, color etc. Most of the women who join our trips fall between 25 - 50 years of age.  

However, at Wacanza Tours we are offering a very different experience hence we are operating mixed groups under this brand name exclusively for 18 - 35-year-olds.  


So! What you can expect at Wacanza tours?

  • Affordable trips

  • Lot of treks & hikes

  • Adventure sports

  • Music events

  • Crazy party scenes

  • Backpacker Trips

  • Unfiltered Friendships

  • Offbeat Locations & much more!!

Featured by Times of India

WanderWomaniya is not just a regular travel company, we are a fraternity, a like minded travel club exclusively for solo women & ladies of all age & all ethnicity groups irrespective of your political ideologies & economic status looking for female travel companion in a women travel group. 

When you join any trip with the womaniya wanderlust group we would recommend you to keep an open mind about the different kinds of experiences. Group trips like all women tours help you to meet females of different age groups, traditions, habits & backgrounds; sometimes even countries. You might not get along well with someone who belongs to your age group and gel so well with someone much older or younger. That's what we believe is the beauty. So whenever you want a break from the mundane everyday office, kids, family, household chores or just want a party #GoSolo #GoWanderwomaniya 

Should you want to be part of our what's-app group drop us a text on +91-9971820462 along with details like your name, age, email address and profession. Please be informed the groups are strictly only for connecting with like-minded travel enthusiast females. No promotional/political/hatred posts & content is accepted of any manner.

Welcome to the world of Wander Womaniya!

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