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Image by Nessi  Gileva


Travelling changes the way you perceive the world, to travel more is to live more and more over to living on your own terms. However, travelling alone as a female comes with many unwanted advances and situations as well. That certainly shouldn’t be the case, to bring about a change in that, we here at Wander Womaniya are driven by the mission and vision to make travelling for females hassle-free, joyful, safe and secure.

Travelling overseas is a dream for many, and why shouldn’t it be? The world is big and there’s so much to see, so much to experience but as easy as it sounds, a lot of research, planning and work goes behind having that ‘perfect vacation’. One can take out time from their daily work to figure out where they wish to go, maybe plan on a few specific locations but regardless of that there are so many things which are left to do to have you enjoy your trip to the fullest keeping in mind of safety and security, plus on top of that having to convince your family to let you go for a solo trip :P

That’s where we step in to make sure you don’t have to stress about or compromise on any aspect ‘cause after all travel is to rejuvenate & not to add on to your stress levels. We organize women-only travel group trips where any female can join solo. These international trips are specially curated for females to be able to explore and wander distant lands, enjoy to the fullest and make memories for a lifetime. When on a trip with us, one won’t have to worry about ‘what next?’ and ‘where to now?’ because we got it prepared and all set! That said, international travel begins with a lot of preparation in terms of ‘what to pack’, ‘how to travel light’, visa etc. and we got your back there as well! We are there to assist you as and when you require help.

Our solo travel packages are a wholesome mix of comfort & adventure- from beaches to mountains and from escapades to spirituality, uniquely curated to be a blend of the best of every travel experience Because of this versatility you get to connect with fellow travellers, make friends with them for a lifetime as meeting a bunch of likeminded people and travelling with them, is eye-opening, fun & brave but most importantly along with that get time to yourself to wander around alone so as to not miss out on the ‘solo travel’ part.

We ensure that you don't come across any unwanted advances or situations and make sure that while travelling with us can focus on exploring where we take care of all the hurdles which accompany. We ensure the comfort, and quality of accommodations & save you the pain of planning & execution and managing expenses while travelling. Don’t let anything come in the way of you and your dreams!

It’s actually rightly said that ‘travel is an investment in yourself, the very reason why one should wander as much as they can, not as a ‘tourist’ but as a ‘traveller’, and even though society has changed & grown still a lot of hurdles come in regards to a female travelling alone. We, Wander Womaniya strive with this mission to do our bit in curating such ways and an environment where one doesn’t have to think much and can be their true self; no longer bound by constraints or in fear.

What’s the wait for then Womaniyas? Just spread your wings, own your true beautiful colours, grab your passports, pack your bags and gear up for a much-awaited international trip filled with fun, love and laughter

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